‘Yellowstone’: Kelsey Asbille discussed her role and her feelings toward Season 5

In an interview, Kelsey Asbille, who plays Monica on the hit television show Yellowstone, discussed her role and her thoughts on recent Season 5

Although her character suffered a “tragic loss,” Kelsey insisted that the most recent season was still her “favourite” so far. The actress, 31, expressed her admiration for her on screen in-laws as standouts Kevin Costner’s John Dutton and Kelly Reilly’s Beth Dutton.


“There are actually a lot of scenes in this one that I really, really love. I think that definitive moment I was speaking about earlier, it really comes after speaking with John Dutton,” Asbille continued. “So, it’s a very kind of unlikely person in her life to have that moment with. But she also has a wonderful moment with Beth that I’ve been aching for because I just love they bring out a different side of each other and so I love when the two of them are on screen.”

In the first season, which aired in 2018, Monica, played by Kelsey, and Kayce Dutton, played by Luke Grimes, started dating.

“I love that when you meet them, they’re both kind of outcasts and they’ve given up so much for each other and the fact that they choose each other every time,” she told Us when asked what she loves about the couple before adding with a laugh: “But Lord have mercy, I would love for them to have an easier go at life.”


Monica and Kayce’s second child after their son Tate was due, as revealed in Season 4, according to the couple.

 “So much of her identity is as a mother,” Kelsey Asbille told the outlet. “I think her strength is her softness and her compassion and her empathy and her willingness to just no matter what she faces, she keeps her head up and she keeps going. And I think that that’s all you can do. And so I think that’s definitely something I look up to in her.”

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