Channel 5 airs a low-rated movie instead of the Queen’s funeral

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While many will be tuning into the late Queen’s state funeral on Monday (19 September), Channel 5 has taken a slightly different direction with its offerings for the day.

The Emoji Movie features the likes of James Corden and Patrick Stewart and has been a commercial success according to its makers.

However, the film is certainly not critically-acclaimed – it has a shockingly low six percent on Rotten Tomatoes and its IMDb score is not much better.

After other children’s TV shows including Thomas & Friends, Channel 5 will play The Emoji Movie at 11.10, followed by Stuart Little at 12.30, Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs at 13.50 and Sing at 15.20 before the news.

The opinion from people on social media has been fairly mixed, with some saying it is good for young children to have the option to watch something else if the funeral is too upsetting. Meanwhile, others believe the state funeral of a monarch should be aired everywhere.

Someone else wrote: ‘Channel 5 airing *The Emoji Movie* of all things tomorrow while every single other channel airs the Queen’s funeral is peak British TV and it may honestly make me watch it which is something I never thought I’d be saying again.’

One person said: “To be fair it’s good to see them doing something like this. Most families will have 2 TVs so adults can watch it and children watch the film. It’s a shame BBC aren’t doing something similar with BBC3.

A second added: “I thought the emoji movie on 5 on Monday was a joke !?!?”

A third said: “It’s sad that we’ve lost the queen, but do we really need live coverage and opinions 24/7 for weeks on end?”

Anoosha Khan
Anoosha Khan

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