Why Is ‘Bumper in Berlin’ Season 2 Canceled by Peacock

Peacock decided not to make another season of the comedy show Pitch Perfect: Bumper In Berlin. This is a change from what they said in January when they told us there would be a Season 2.

Similar to two Prime Video shows, The Peripheral and A League of Their Own, whose Season 2 renewals were reversed in the past month, the decision to cancel Bumper In Berlin is a result of the extended work stoppage due to the ongoing WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes. These strikes have caused significant delays in production, leading to long breaks between seasons and causing shows to miss their planned release dates.

The first season of Bumper In Berlin was launched in November 2022. However, the production for Season 2 had not yet started when the WGA strike commenced on May 2. As a result, the show has fallen significantly behind its intended schedule. This delay could disrupt Peacock’s content release plans, as they already have a set schedule and budget in place for their content rollout.

Similar to what happened with The Peripheral, which performed well in terms of ratings for Prime Video, Bumper In Berlin had a promising beginning on Peacock. It achieved the largest comedy premiere in the streaming service’s history.

As Deadline previously mentioned, there was a significant chance that several series renewals could be canceled if the work stoppage continued beyond Labor Day, especially for freshman series entering their second season. New shows often struggle to keep their viewers engaged when there’s a lengthy wait for new episodes.

Although Bumper In Berlin won’t have a second season, Pitch Perfect remains a valuable intellectual property for Universal. The company is still working on various projects with Elizabeth Banks, who is associated with the franchise, through her Brownstone production company.

Additionally, Megan Amram, the showrunner of the series, maintains an overall deal with Universal Television, the studio behind Bumper In Berlin.

Peacock has a great lineup of series, including Madres: Amore Y Vida, Snapped Season 31, Dragons: The Nine Realms Season 5, Chicago Med, Season 8 and movies based on Monk and Community.

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