Who is going to take the 007 role after Daniel Craig’s Exit? 

A new James Bond movie has been in production after Daniel Craig made his exit. The fans are still wondering who is replacing his role. 

Following Daniel Craig’s departure,The rumors are circulating regarding a young actor, someone preferably of less age than from the Craig’s era. However, The Movie Producer Michael G. Wilson disregarded those claims and ensured that a Bond would be an actor of the former’s age range. 

In an interview with the Radio Times, The casting Director for 007 made clear why the young actors doesn’t fit the role. She stated “We did look at a lot of younger actors, and I just don’t think they had the gravitas. They didn’t have the experience, they didn’t have the mental capacity to take it on, because it’s not just the part they’re taking on, it’s a massive responsibility.”

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Craig has starred in five James Bond movies and the team will be on the lookout for his replacement nearly which the producers stated on multiple occasions. When the producers were asked for more input on the replacement plan, Barbara Broccoli pointed out “ it’s not just about casting an actor for a film, It’s about a reinvention, and ‘Where are we taking it? What do we want to do with the character?’ And then, once we figure that out, who’s the right person for that particular reinvention?”

Thus, It is still not known if James Bond fans are expecting a relatively unknown male around his 30’s to take over the 007 role.

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