Vinny Guadagnino Confess About ‘All Star Shore’ vs. ‘Jersey Shore’

After being on Double Shot at Love and dancing on Dancing with the Stars, Vinny Guadagnino is going to Cartagena, Colombia for the second season of All Star Shore. In this show, he’ll be with other famous reality TV stars from different countries. They’ll have fun and also split into groups to compete in fun challenges where they can win up to $150,000.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation airs on Thursdays at 8/7c on MTV, while the All Star Shore season 2 premiere is on September 21 at 9/8c, also on MTV.

Guadagnino talks about his experience on the show in an interview with TVLine that, “From a personal point-of-view, get me the hell out of there. It was a very humbling experience showering outside for a month. What is cool is people will get to see OG Vinny thrive in more of an environment that is conducive to where I am in my life. Not that I’m the biggest partier. I like a good time. I like mingling with the ladies. I‘m a little bit of a ladies man. You get to explore and see that side of me. You truly might find me liking someone over there. People haven’t really gotten to see that.”

Guadagnino aims to outdo his castmate Angelina Pivarnick, who was on the show’s first season last year. Here, the reality TV veteran discusses adding another show to his “Jerzday” schedule and gives a glimpse of what’s ahead on Jersey Shore Family Vacation.

Guadagnino says, “Jersey Shore Family Vacation is something we dedicate our lives to full-time. So when I get other TV opportunities, I look at my calendar and see if I’m free from filming. Then I suss it out. I say no to different things a lot too. However, playing games, party games, and having a competition in a Jersey Shore kind of way, seemed kind of fun for me. It was cool seeing one season of it transpire with Angelina, just so I knew what I was getting into. I’m single and have no kids. It was a fun, different project and undertaking for me.”

Travelling around the world is always fascinating for him as he confessed in an interview that, “I haven’t traveled around the world too much, so to see my show that I started with my cast and crew be able to be all over the world. Places I’ve never been to. I have never been to Germany. I’ve never been to Acapulco and all these different places. To know Shore shows are there. A lot of them had never seen Jersey Shore before. It’s amazing what we’ve built has transcended all over the world. It’s a proud moment.”

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