Vin Diesel pays heart-touching tribute to Tyrese Gibson

Vin Diesel pays a tribute to his co-actor Tyrese Gibson.

The actors appeared in the Fast and Furious franchise, Fast Five back in 2011. Diesel and Tyrese have appeared in all the main movies of this franchise. Both amazing actors will again be sharing the screen and will be returning after 11 years in the Fast X.

Diesel paid a tribute to his friend while sharing his emotion on an Instagram post. Diesel captions, “”f you told me back in 2010 when we first worked together… that in 2023 we would be standing on the shores of Turks and Caicos discussing all of the countries we are about to tour for the release of the Finale. wow. Surreal. 🙏🏽 #Brotherhood #FastX.”

Tyrese shared his thoughts and commented, “We were all ones children on the playground as we would look to the left and the right sandboxes play areas basketball, tetherball the innocence of looking around and feeling like so many options of friends…. And as you get older, you specifically realize the difference between quantity versus QUALITY! If you would be so lucky to have one brother, that brother would be Vin Diesel humbled, grateful, and appreciative for you showing up, celebrating my birthday, and going to visit my mother’s final resting place with me. Iron sharpens iron and our conversations, laughter vibes, talking about things that most people wouldn’t understand even if we tried to explain it..” 

He further said, “I’m a better man after these three days and I got my brother to thank…. It’s been said that it’s not lonely at the top if you have somebody else to get there…:: #FastX global dance, and beyond…. Here we gooooo!!!!!!!!!”

The trailer of Fast X will be released in February 2023.

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