Vanna White’s Unexpected Apology on ‘Wheel of Fortune’

Before appearing on the September 21 episode of Wheel of Fortune, one of the contestants had met Vanna White before.

Beryl New, who hails from Topeka, Kansas, guessed the opening puzzle correctly on the September 21 episode of Wheel of Fortune, which was a Phrase, “I Like Your Style.” During the interview portion, host Pat Sajak revealed that Beryl had previously encountered Vanna White at an airport. Beryl shared, “I did. I met her in the Myrtle Beach Airport in I think 2015. She was so kind. She let me take a picture with her. She was carrying a pound cake that her friend had made for her, taking it back home. She wouldn’t share the pound cake, but she did share a picture.”

Vanna White smiled as she heard the story, and in response, Pat Sajak commented, “She’s always great and she’s unfailingly polite to people.”

TVinsider mentioned that, Beryl reached the final round but couldn’t solve the puzzle, which was a Phrase (“Build a Firm Foundation”). As a result, she lost the $100,000 she had suspected she might lose. She did win $28,400, though. Despite not winning the game, Pat Sajak informed her, “you stay right here because we have something else to do with you at the close of the show.”

During the show’s closing moments, Pat Sajak remembered Beryl’s story about Vanna White not sharing her pound cake. Sajak playfully told Vanna, “You need to make up for this!” Vanna then appeared with a slice of pound cake for Beryl and told her, “I’m sorry I didn’t give you any of my pound cake.” she apologized.

Season 41 will be Sajak’s final season as the host of Wheel of Fortune, but White is continuing on for at least two more years. The news about her new contract was announced on September 19. Ryan Seacrest will replace Sajak as the host starting from Season 42. During an interview with Willie Geist for Sunday TODAY, Seacrest shared his thoughts on White’s contract extension.

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