Love Island Shocking Twist: Two Islanders are Forced to Leave

Two Love Island contestants have already been eliminated from the villa following the most intense argument of the series.

Shortly after the award ceremony concluded, and before finale, the contestants received the news that the couple would be leaving the villa. This surprising announcement sent shockwaves through the entire group.

According to an insider, everyone was taken by surprise with the result of the elimination. Many people had shocked expressions on their faces.

“It was one of the most dramatic dumpings yet and there were lots of tears.

“The man in the couple was pretty angry about being sent home, before accepting his fate, while the woman cried her eyes out.”

During last night’s episode, the award ceremony abruptly paused when Iain Stirling announced that the public could vote for the couple they believe is the most compatible.

They continued: ‘The man in the couple was pretty angry about being sent home, before accepting his fate, while the woman cried her eyes out.’

ITV2 announced that more islanders will be eliminated as they revealed another public vote during Tuesday night’s The Grafties Awards.

The surprising twist means that not all the couples still in the villa will automatically make it to the final next week on Monday.

The announcement left viewers stunned, and they urged other fans to ‘vote wisely.’

One person wrote: ‘I need y’all to vote wisely tonight’. 

Another insisted: ‘Who’s getting dumped???’

‘This the last vote guys because only 4 couples in the finals. So choose wisely,’ penned down another. 

The announcement was made after viewers celebrated when Scott called Mitch a disrespectful name during a heated rant on Tuesday. Despite the argument, Scott still thanked Mitch for his assistance.

The tension escalated when it came to light that Lochan had been talking about Abi Moores and Scott Van-Der-Sluis’ relationship without their knowledge, and this caused a lot of friction.

After watching a clip of his co-star gossiping, Tyrique said: “Lochan be pillow-talking with his girl too much.”

However, Whitney Adebayo promptly defended him, stating that Lochan’s actions were not out of the ordinary.

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