Trevor Noah to host the Grammys three consecutive times in last 30 years

Trevor is back! The only hosts of the Grammys for at least three consecutive years in the past 30 years were Trevor Noah and LL Cool J.

The 38-year-old comedian made an announcement via Billboard on his return to the February 65th Grammy Awards. For the third year in a row, he will host the awards ceremony.

“I don’t think it’s normal to host it once, so I don’t have a great frame of reference for this,” he told the outlet. 

“It is thrilling. For me, it’s a cheat code because I’m a fan of almost all the people who are there.” he added.

As the last two events were hosted in New York City and Las Vegas, Noah will be hosting the show for the first time in Los Angeles. According to the source, the event will take place in the Arena on February 5.

“I am 1,000% a fan, and what I love about the Grammys is that I become a fan of a new artist every single time,” Trevor Noah added. “I come in and then I meet this new artist, and all of a sudden, here I am going, ‘Who are the Black Pumas?’ It introduces you to music that you maybe wouldn’t have been.”


In a conversation with Billboard, he added that although he follows a script, he is open to improvisation and telling jokes that feel appropriate at the time. He described his hosting style as “off the cuff.”

Anoosha Khan
Anoosha Khan

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