Trevor Noah slams ‘Little Mermaid’ criticism

In response to the racist criticism of the recently released trailer for Disney’s live-action adaptation of “The Little Mermaid,” Trevor Noah offers his opinion.

On the latest episode of The Daily Show, episode of The Daily Show, the host showed footage of a news broadcast focusing on online complaints about the fact that the film stars a Black actress, Halle Bailey.

“Really people — we’re doing this again?” Noah responded. He then mocked the news broadcast’s mention that individuals have commented that Bailey looks “nothing like” the animated Ariel who was at the center of the 1989 Oscar-winning animated feature of the same name. “Nothing like? They both have the tail, they both have the red [hair],” Noah said.

“Once again, a bunch of Internet racists are upset that a fictional character is being played by a Black person,” he continued. “This is so ridiculous.”

After joking that the title character in Finding Nemo is Black because the movie is “about a fish who can’t find his dad,” Noah also delivered a sarcastic swipe at the plot of The Little Mermaid.

“Look, stop being ridiculous,” he said. “It’s imaginary. I hope this scandal doesn’t overshadow the rest of the movie. The Little Mermaid is a beautiful story about a young woman changing her core identity to please a man. Let’s not forget about that, people.”

‘Little Mermaid’ Trailer

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