Travel Company cancels ‘Royal Tour’ to Harry and Meghan’s home

A plan for a tour that would show famous places in Montecito is causing anger because it might bring people very close to where Prince Harry and Meghan Markle live. People are upset because this could disturb their privacy.

Someone who is friends with Thomas Markle, Meghan’s father whom she is not close to, is giving tourists the chance to take a drive and see the well-known places in Montecito, where Prince Harry and Meghan live.

The Prince and Duchess of Sussex, who stepped away from their royal roles in 2020, have previously mentioned that they want to raise their young children, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet, in a private and quiet way, away from the public attention.

The bus tour, named the ‘Royal Celebrity Tour of Los Angeles and Montecito,’ is organized by photographer Karl Larsen.

He is a good friend of Meghan’s father, Thomas Markle. The tour is being offered at a price of £958.84 ($1200) for a group of six people, as reported by The Mirror.

It was first listed on the website Tripening, where Mr Larsen wrote the details: “I’m the world-famous celebrity photographer Karl Larsen, a best friend of Thomas Markle (Meghan’s father) and the guy with a stunning exclusive portfolio of pictures of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle together in Montecito.”

He said that he was the sole individual who was aware of the actual facts about the situation between Meghan and her father.

He also pledged to provide tourists with a detailed tour of the region where Meghan spent her early years.

This would include her previous residences and schools, along with popular places in Montecito where both Meghan and Harry have been seen.

After the tour was promoted online, many people have shown their dislike for it. One person, tech entrepreneur Christopher Bouzy, accused Mr. Larsen of “harassment.”

Mr. Bouzy, who was featured on the Netflix show Harry & Meghan, shared his thoughts on his social media platform called Spoutible. He wrote, “The harassment of Harry and Meghan is escalating, and now these deranged people are taking their harassment offline while trying to profit off their harassment. This is sick.”

As a response, Tripening shared an update on their Twitter page, stating that they have taken down the tour from being available for purchase on their website.

Later on, Mr. Larsen explained further that he did not have any plans to take the tour past the actual home of Harry and Meghan. He mentioned to Newsweek, “I want to have the tour be available where she grew up. We’re going to go to Montecito but just places they go to, restaurants they go to.

“It’s a custom tour so if people want to go see other sights that’s what we’re going to do but we will not go past Doria’s house and we will not go past Harry and Meghan’s.”

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