‘The Winchesters’ will reveal Dean’s whereabouts in ‘Supernaturals’ timeline

Robbie Thompson, the executive producer, and showrunner of The Winchesters, has confirmed that the program will establish Dean’s present position in the Supernatural chronology.

He discusses where Dean Winchester, the narrator of the spinoff from Supernatural, fits into the overall history of the series.

Thompson was questioned about The Winchesters‘ placement in the overall Supernatural timeline during an interview with TVLine. “Where Dean is right now is a mystery,” Thompson said. “We’ve left some hints in some images, which I believe fans have already noticed and are developing hypotheses about.”

Jensen Ackles made a triumphant comeback to the role he made famous throughout all 15 seasons of Supernatural in the premiere episode of The Winchesters. With Dean writing in his diary and driving his now-iconic black 1967 Chevrolet Impala in the prequel series, many people have wondered what Dean’s present situation is.

“The whereabouts of that attractive young man in regard to the later seasons of Supernatural will undoubtedly be clarified”, Thompson continued. Thompson stated that when questioned if Dean may be narrating from the dead, “I can neither confirm nor refute any of these fantastic notions. However, that will be completely resolved in our first 13 episodes.”

Meg Donnelly recently talked about how Ackles was there on set in addition to playing the storyteller once again. “He was on set throughout the whole duration of the pilot”, according to Donnelly.

On October 11, The Winchesters premiered on the CW. Watch new episodes every Tuesday.

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