‘The Winchesters’: Jensen Ackles spots a rainbow on his return as Dean

It looks like The Supernatural franchise is still strongly connected with Jensen Ackles. He serves as the show’s executive producer in addition to reprising his role as Dean Winchester in the first episode and as the series’ narrator overall. 

Along with the other members of The Winchesters ensemble, Ackles visited EW‘s video studio at New York Comic Con this past weekend and spoke about Dean’s meaning.

“The moment [Supernatural] ended, a few items from the clothing section vanished. I was puzzled by why,” says Ackles subtly. “However, they managed to show up when I had to appear again on camera.”

Ackles continues, “This persona is a part of who I am and will always be. He’s embedded in me, so it’s wonderful to re-enter that persona.”

Robbie Thompson, the creator of The Winchesters, said that Ackles’ return to the character appeared to thrill even nature.

“It was forecast to rain that day. When Jensen pulls up, a rainbow appears, for reals. I have a photo of him getting smacked by the rainbow on his head. I thought, come on, really? But it was incredible. Because it was Dean, everyone on the staff was secretly pulling out their phones and shooting photographs. It was insane.”

The Winchesters premiered on Tuesday, October 11 only on the CW.

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