The Walking Dead: Dead City Star Talks About Violent Opening Scene

After the premiere of The Walking Dead: Dead City, lead actress Lauren Cohan discussed Maggie’s brutal and dramatic opening scene.

The first episode of AMC spinoff, Old Acquaintances, opens with a frightening full view of New York City in its post-apocalyptic form. After encountering a group of walkers while studying the city from a distance, Cohan’s Maggie is quickly thrust back into action.

Cohan confirmed in a recent interview with EW that the scenario was not the initial intended beginning of the spinoff. Cohan stated that the bar scene, in which Maggie pursues Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan, was planned to be the first. They opted to improve it in order to create the tone for the audience.

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“We wanted to better place people in the backstory of the show,” Cohan explained. “That was partly for people who’d been away from the show for a minute, or who had never been with the show. But also, just tonally, it felt right. And to have these very frayed strands that needed to be temporarily rerouted for the purpose of this mission. It was definitely this kind of strange catharsis.”

Every Thursday on AMC+ and every Sunday on AMC, new episodes of The Walking Dead: Dead City air.

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