The Morning Show’s Star Disappointment About Season 3

In The Morning Show season 3, Desean Terry won’t be coming back as Daniel Henderson in any role.

Terry shared this surprising update himself on Instagram through a video, just as the Apple TV+ series is coming back for a new set of episodes, featuring Jon Hamm.

“Some of y’all have reached out because you were anticipating seeing more of my work on this project that I worked on, I can’t say too much about anything because of the stipulation of the SAG-AFTRA strike, because I support my union and everything we’re fighting for, but I did want to come on here and confirm for you all that no, you will not be seeing that character this season.”

Terry portrayed the openly gay weekend news anchor, Daniel Henderson, in the initial two seasons of the Apple TV+ show. He shared with his followers that he felt ‘disheartened’ about his character not being part of season 3.

“But I’m really grateful that there are folks who reached out who felt seen by that role and narrative,” he explained in the clip. “I think in this moment of uncertainty in our union, that as we fight for what we deserve in terms of pay equity, the leaders of our union keep diversity and inclusion top of mind so that we can see more characters and narratives like that one.”

While Terry didn’t mention the show by name, Variety verified on Thursday that he wasn’t offered a contract for The Morning Show’s third season. Terry also mentioned that he intends to work on ‘some passion projects’ for now and promised to keep his fans informed about his future endeavors.

The first two episodes of The Morning Show season 3 debuted on AppleTV+ on Wednesday, September 13, with additional episodes scheduled for every Wednesday.

Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston returned as Bradley Jackson and Alex Levy, and they were joined by new cast members like Jon Hamm as Paul Marks and Nicole Beharie as Christina Hunter.

The Morning Show has already been renewed for a fourth season.

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