Steve Rogers’s allies call out on his weaknesses

Even while Captain America is the most morally upright hero in the Marvel Universe, he is not a perfect person, and his worst fault demonstrates that even his greatest achievements have a tragic undertone.

The two things that made Steve Rogers renowned in the modern era were his resurgence as a heroic icon and his assistance to the American military effort in the Second World War. However, readers will learn in Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #9 just why Steve cannot abandon the fight: if he hesitates, his suffering will overtake him.

Steve Rogers is indeed in excruciating discomfort. The former Winter Soldier has joined forces with the Outer Circle, which has controlled the whole planet ever since the conclusion of World War I, and is no longer Bucky Barnes, his closest friend. Captain America is pondering Bucky’s unexpected shift and whether Steve could have done anything differently to save his comrade as he rallies allies to stop an attack on New York by the evil AIM corporation. But it’s obvious that Cap is utilizing his ongoing conflicts to avoid facing the emotions and situations he needs to absorb. It may be a relatable and even heroic defect to avoid personal suffering by pushing into the newest challenge.

Steve Rogers

Despite not being a narcissist or a shameless egoist like Eric O’Grady, Captain America decides to fight through his pain rather than try to deal with it. Although Steve Rogers is well known for never giving up when fighting an enemy, continuing to live as a soldier even after the battle is over is a decision, and an unwise one at that.

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