Stars to Return for ‘Neighbours’ Finale

Margot Robbie, Delta Goodrem, Jesse Spencer, Kym Valentine, and Carla Bonner will appear in the final episode of “Neighbours” on Thursday.

Network 10 has also announced the return of Carla Bonner, who started in 1999 as Stephane Scully. She has returned to the program numerous times to reprise the role.
Network 10 has been drip-feeding information about its final episode, having previously revealed Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan would be back to pick up their character arcs from the 1980s. It then released pictures of the two on set together.
The return of the big-name stars as their original characters will assist “Neighbours” in wrapping up its 37-year run.

The show’s woes commenced when Network 10 and the show’s producer Fremantle Australia failed to secure a UK production partner after Channel 5 decided to pull its partnership and funding.

McGarvey noted that “Neighbours” is an iconic program and the Australian screen production sector will be worse off when it’s gone.

“It’s a devastating loss for that skills gathering. And people often start out on those big shows,” she said.

“No matter what way you cut it, “Neighbours” is still a loss and one that we’re very very sad about. We really didn’t want it to happen.”

“When Fremantle told us they weren’t going to be able to get the funding out of the UK – we needed that funding. Everyone needed that UK partner to keep the show. It was incredibly disappointing. It does good numbers on 10 Peach. It’s got an incredibly loyal fan base. It’s been around for almost 40 years. [It’s] a stalwart.

“But unfortunately when they couldn’t find a partner, it just wasn’t a viable proposition for us. And we were really hopeful for a long time… But it hasn’t worked out the way that we would have liked.”
It is expected that more former “Neighbours” stars will appear on the final episode on Thursday night.

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