Star Kayla warns family not to watch her shower scenes in ‘Too Hot To Handle’

Seb Melrose from Scotland and Kayla Richart from Los Angeles were the Too Hot To Handle season 4 troublemakers. The model, however, forbids her family from watching her show because she had passionate shower scenes with the guy.

The model claimed in an interview with Metro that she was ashamed that her family would be watching the show at the same time, despite the fact that the incident generated positive attention for it. After finishing the episode’s filming, Richart explains, “I went home and I was like, basically nobody saw the show. I’m delighted you all think highly of me. Avoid watching it.”


She also acknowledges that while she was worried about how the scenes would seem on television, it ended up being respectable enough for some adults to watch. Because of this, Richart continues, “I didn’t sure how they would trim or display our ‘sex scene’ but they actually did so in a really good way and they didn’t really show that much, which was like a sigh of relief for me.”

She also claims that her father would not be watching the show as he is a very religious man. “My dad’s not going to watch it anyway he’s an older guy, who’s super traditional. He’s great, and I love him, and he’s not going to watch it, which is a blessing for me which is totally fine,” claims Richart.


It turns out that some of the model’s family members had already viewed her performance but still praised her for being herself on such a large stage. The model, however, is unable to keep her steamy moments concealed from her entire family and they all found out about it.

Netflix has Too Hot To Handle Season 4 accessible for viewing.

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