Sienna Miller Traumatized By Phone Hacking Scandal

Sienna Miller claims alleged phone hacking left her traumatized

Miller’s ex-partner, Jude Law, was caught having an affair with the nanny of his children in 2005. At the time, the scandal was all everyone could talk about.

As the star recounts in the new BBC documentary “Scandalous: Phone Hacking on Trial,” she learned she was expecting a child just two days after the scandal broke. She claims that shortly after that, the British tabloid The Sun called her to tell her they had learned of her pregnancy and wanted to publish the news.

“I had to tell Sienna Miller that [the story about the pregnancy] had come out,” Parkes says in the documentary. “She lost it. Her cry was deafening. The yell came out like a guttural wail. I heard her fall heavily to the ground.

Even though The Sun had promised not to be the first to report the news, it did so in a U.S. newspaper. The Sun then published its own article in response.

Miller says, “I thought somebody must be selling stories.” And I summoned the five persons we knew who knew and brutally questioned them. There was so much pressure on me. So I turned to the group and asked, “Who is it?” tons of sobbing and denying, too.”

The Paranoia She Faced

She elaborates that her paranoia reached the point where she had to start using her friends’ phones for her own calls.

Sienna Miller Traumatized By Phone Hacking Scandal

I can’t recall the last six weeks of my life, at the very least. Miller continues, “I honestly don’t remember.” “I think by that point I was in such a deep state of trauma that I totally blacked out.”

Miller’s 2021 settlement with NGN over a phone hacking lawsuit included no acknowledgment of responsibility on NGN’s part. According to the BBC, the pregnancy article is “the subject of ongoing litigation,” limiting NGN’s ability to reply.

whereas The program also features interviews with other people who claim to have been victims of “phone hacking,” the phrase for the unauthorized recording of phone calls. Ex-wife Heather Mills of Paul McCartney and “Coronation Street” star Shobna Gulati are among them.

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