Selling the OC: Alexandra Rose and Jarvis’ Friendship Twist

In the world of reality TV, friendships can change quickly. You can see this with the Selling the OC stars Alexandra Rose and Alexandra Jarvis.

“I just don’t think we’re meant to work together,” the reality TV star tells PEOPLE in an exclusive interview, talking about the colleagues they used to be close to.

During the first season of the Netflix reality show, the two determined real estate agents appeared to be incredibly close. They went door-to-door together to meet potential clients and made plans over glasses of purified water to become the next big real estate agents in Orange County.

However, in the show’s second season, the once-close colleagues began to drift apart rapidly.

Jarvis didn’t like how Rose flirted with clients, and Rose saw Jarvis’ client meeting with her fiancé as sneaky and dishonest.

The tension between them reached its breaking point during a home demolition event organized by Kayla Cardona. They had a big argument, and their working relationship hasn’t been as close or friendly since then.

alexandra jarvis alexandra rose

“It was a lot of things that triggered that,” Jarvis tells PEOPLE exclusively. “Rose and I were getting to know each other during season 1, and we had some instant success with real estate.”

“When we were door knocking, we just did well. But we were getting to know one another on both the professional and a little bit of a personal level,” she continues.

Jarvis adds she never viewed Rose as a “close friend,” explaining: “Our relationship was very superficial, but we worked well together for a time. Then things changed. Things happen, and some of that’s not going to obviously ever be on camera, but it needed to happen.”

The end of their friendship and working partnership didn’t come as a surprise to Rose either.

“It wasn’t a surprise, because of all of the events that happened,” she explains. “I think everything was meant to be, and I just don’t think we’re meant to work together.”

As per Rose, the realtor has successfully sold four houses this year and presently has a listing worth $8.7 million in San Diego and another listing worth $7 million in Huntington Harbor, Orange County.

You can now watch Seasons 1 and 2 of Selling the OC on Netflix.

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