Ryan Murphy Ghosts Angelica Ross on Black-women ‘AHS’ Series

Angelica Ross, who acts in American Horror Story, said that Ryan Murphy, the person who created the show, ignored her after she proposed an idea for a season with only Black actors.

Ross shared screenshots of emails between her and Murphy, starting from July 2020. In these emails, Murphy appeared to confirm the idea of an all-Black season and sought Ross’s input on which women should be the main characters.

“Remember your idea about a Horror seasons starring Black women? Well I’m doing it,” Murphy wrote in an email to Ross on July 3, 2020, according to the screenshot. “Not sure of the story yet, but we will start a writers room in the fall. Along with you, who are the four women I should get? I think you, Keke Palmer, Gabby … not sure of the fourth?”

In her response to Murphy’s email, dated July 3, 2020, Ross expressed her excitement and recommended various Black actresses who could be part of the season. Her suggestions included Debbi Morgan, Lynn Whitfield, Alfre Woodard, Angela Bassett, Gabrielle Union, Viola Davis, Kerry Washington, Lupita Nyong’o, Halle Berry, and Amiyah Scott.

Entertainment Weekly reported that Ross revealed in a TikTok video that she was “left on read” by Murphy after following up via email. In an email dated February 7, 2022, she inquired about the possibility of contributing to the writing and production of the season, “I could add a lot to the table in the overall storyline if we are still looking to do a Black lead cast.”

According to an insider familiar with the situation, FX anthologies led by Ryan Murphy frequently explore various concepts before settling on a premise to pursue for an upcoming season.

Like, the second season of American Crime Story was initially planned to revolve around Hurricane Katrina but ultimately became The Assassination of Gianni Versace. Similarly, Season 10 of American Horror Story” (“Double Feature”) faced potential theme changes due to weather-related issues and COVID-19 delays.

American Horror Story Season 12 was to release on August 1st, 2023 on FX but now due to writer’s and actor’s strikes, the show released on September 19, 2023. Viewers can watch American Horror Story: Delicate on FX, with new episodes available the following day on Hulu

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