Royal Christmas Card 2022: Prince William and Kate revealed new family photo

Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis were photographed with William and Kate in the Norfolk countryside for the Royal Christmas Card. The new picture depicts the family strolling down a deserted route while holding hands.

The photo was taken by Matt Porteous. The photographer said, “I was delighted to spend time photographing the Prince and Princess and their children in Norfolk earlier this year.”


He said, “It is always such an honor to capture these special moments within a family and I’m delighted they have chosen this portrait for their 2022 Christmas Card.” 

Less than an hour after the royal couple posted the image on the photo and video sharing app, thousands of users commented on it.

For their Royal Christmas Card portrait, the royal family opted for more relaxed attire. In a fresh white collared blouse, trousers, and white sneakers, Kate looks gorgeous. William additionally dons a pair of pants, blue sneakers, and a navy collared sweater.


Charlotte sports a jean one-piece and blue and white shoes, while George and Louis both wear shorts, polo shirts, and sneakers. Prince Louis appears to be ignoring his sister and not holding her hand in the picture, if you look closely.

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Anoosha Khan

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