Olivia Liang talks about women empowerment in ‘Kung Fu’ Season 3

Kung Fu star Olivia Liang, promises a darker and more surprising Season 3.

As Nicky Shen (Olivia Liang) and her family and friends protect San Francisco’s Chinatown from various criminal and paranormal dangers, the stakes in Kung Fu have constantly been rising. In Season 3, the stakes will be raised again as Nicky mourns the passing of her boyfriend, Henry Yan (Eddie Liu), and runs into Bo, a new martial arts vigilante (Ben Levin). Nicky and her friends will face unprecedented challenges as Chinatown comes under assault from a new foe. The moral trade-offs they must make might end up saving the day.

In an interview with CBR, Liang provided behind-the-scenes details on the new casting and direction for Kung Fu Season 3. She also revealed how she prepared for what is swiftly building out to be an even more epic season, hinting at a darker future for Nicky and her companions.

She was asked about Nicky’s mentor role at the start of the season, working on women empowerment in the community by teaching women martial arts.

Liang responded, “It was both incredibly terrifying and fun. Because there is nothing to hide behind, I think training drills worry me more than battle scenes and stunts. I must truly project an air of competence. I put a lot of effort into attempting to appear as though I understood how to handle the sword after the stunts team gave me a rigorous training regimen, she laughs.”

“I hope I did a good job, but it’s delightful to take on the Mentor/Shifu role now that we’ve seen all the lessons Nicky has learned throughout the first two seasons and to fill Pei-shoes partially, Ling’s especially given what we already know is about to happen after Season 2’s conclusion,” she added further.

Season 3 of Kung Fu premieres October 5 on The CW.

Anoosha Khan
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