Nicholas Hoult’s character makes the film ending even better

Do you think Nicholas Hoult’s character in the movie made a perfect ending? Seems like the fans like the perfect ending to the movie because of Hoult’s character.

Huge praise has been heaped upon Nicholas Hoult for his portrayal of Tyler, particularly for his skill in conveying Tyler’s conceit with catching the attention of Hawthorn’s Chef Slowik. Tyler’s experience in The Menu is set in motion by this compulsion when Slowik asks Tyler to assist the kitchen crew in preparing a dish. Without the star-struck Tyler’s knowledge, Slowik is using this invitation to cook as a pretext to humiliate the person who has “ripped the mystery from [his] art.”

In the closing scenes of The Menu, Tyler’s passing makes Slowik more tragic because it sums up Slowik’s loss of passion for cooking in a matter of seconds. The movie’s conclusion would be much less significant if Nicholas Hoult had portrayed Tyler in Tyler in The Menu with a less pitiful slant.

The ending of The Menu is far more rewarding because Margot was able to escape with her life despite the extreme risk Tyler put her in.

Nicholas Hoult

The Menu’s is greatly enhanced by Nicholas Hoult’s portrayal of Tyler. The Menu reveals that Tyler went on a date with Margot even though he knew she would pass away. Tyler could give a damn about Margot’s well-being, and his callousness serves to underscore how pitiful Hoult’s character is.

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