Are Ms. Marvel’s Powers Comicbook Accurate

Marvel dropped the first two episodes of Ms. Marvel on Disney Plus this Wednesday. Ms. Marvel introduces us to Kamala Khan, a muslim-american teenager growing up in New Jersey. She’s a superhero mega-fan with an oversized imagination particularly when it comes to Captain Marvel yet Kamala feels like she doesn’t fit in school and sometimes even at home until she gets a superpower like the hero she’s always looked up to. Let’s dive into the first two episodes of the newest Marvel series.

The first two episodes really focus on Kamala Khan’s character and how she is so obsessed with Avengers, particularly Captain Marvel. The show is moving at a slower pace as it’s only just focused on establishing the character. It’s gonna ultimately feel a little bit rushed towards the end as the show only has 6 episodes. It’s a smaller show where they are trying to connect to the overall Marvel universe. The first episode of Ms. Marvel is loaded with comic book references.

Episode 1 is packed with more Easter eggs than any other MCU show to date. Key individuals and locations have been picked up directly from the Ms.Marvel comic book. In the presentation of Avengers Endgame, Ms.Marvel makes fun of Captain Marvel’s changing hairstyles. What sets the show apart is the style injected into the show is where Amman Vilani has so much that she had to prove, what I believe is her first role. Some fans are complaining about the power switch up from more of a Mr.Fantastic like power set in the comic to Captain Marvel like beam powers. The artwork clips showcase what she’s feeling. Ms.Marvel can make her body parts larger in the comic book but she has got powers more in line with a character like Green Lantern. Though the powers have changed up massively for the characters, this is arguably the most comicbook accurate show we’ve ever had.

There isn’t a lot of action and when we do get some action it’s her trying to understand her powers or trying to help somebody. We are not really seeing where the story is heading just yet, we are gonna get that in the third episode. There is a tease at the end of the second episode which would probably lead into the further plot. We hear the song Blinding Lights by The Weekend.

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