‘Moment Of Truths’ Docuseries: An insightful take on FIFA World Cup

FIFA+ a streaming service dedicated to soccer has commissioned a 10-part docuseries called “Moment Of Truth” from Whisper Final Replay and Sony Pictures Television on the history of the FIFA World Cup which will take place in Qatar in November.

The series will “examine the world’s favourite sport through the lens of human endeavor†according to the official logline. “Why do we care so much about the game? What makes exceptional footballers tick? What lifts teams to greatness? What does it tell us about ourselves?â€

The answer to those questions – and the themes around which the docuseries is built – are located in the words “absolution cunning genius courage inspiration joy art passion hope and wisdom.â€

The series which will examine both the men’s and women’s competitions will provide never-before-seen access to the FIFA World Cup archives dating back to the 1930s in addition to interviews with significant figures in the sport such as supporters commentators psychologists and of course the soccer players themselves.

Produced by Whisper and Final Replay in collaboration with FIFA+ “Moment of Truth.” Sony Pictures Television will handle global distribution.

“Sport generates and ignites emotion like no other – especially football†said Mark Cole managing director for Whisper. “In ‘Moment of Truth’ we speak to those who lived through massive moments in World Cup history.

Anoosha Khan
Anoosha Khan

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