Meta Hires ‘Nope’ Star Keke Palmer for the “Are We There Yet?” Series

After appearing in Jordan Peele’s sci-fi/Western horror movie “Nope,” Keke Palmer will host Meta’s “Are We There Yet?” video series, which promotes the “boundless potential” of the tech company’s VR platforms.

Palmer and Vishal Shah, Meta’s vice president of the metaverse, are behind the wheel of a car in the first episode of “Are We There Yet?,” which was released on Tuesday. They are touring virtual byways.

Could I build the Titanic from scratch, cruise by an iceberg, and yell, “Not this time suckers!”? Palmer poses a logical query. “You can do a variation of that today,” Shah assures her.

Shah tells Palmer, “I think the simplest way of thinking about it is, the metaverse is the next phase of the internet. And the main difference between the internet we use today and the next phase is that we can feel like we are there with other people in a way we can’t feel in our digital experiences today.” He plugs Meta’s Horizon Worlds, which lets users create their own VR experiences, including comedy clubs, speakeasies, haunted houses and meditation spaces.

Watch the first episode of Palmer and Meta’s “Are We There Yet?”

Since rebranding from Facebook to Meta last year, the company has allegedly attempted to shift focus toward a hypothetically prosperous metaverse of the future. However, the significant investment hasn’t yet paid off. Reality Labs, which includes Meta’s AR and VR operations, again reduced earnings for the first quarter. Reality Labs’ sales increased by 30% to $695 million, while its operating loss increased by 62 percent to $2.96 billion.

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