Love Island’s Kady Reacts to Secret Boyfriend Rumors

Kady McDermott has spoken out about the ongoing rumor that she had a hidden boyfriend while on Love Island this summer.

Kady McDermott has rejected the claim that she had a boyfriend while participating in the tenth season of Love Island. This comes after fellow contestant Mitch Taylor stated that she was still in a relationship during the show.

During a podcast, Mitch alleged that Kady wore her boyfriend’s bracelet while in the Love Island villa and mentioned that he stayed at her house while she was on the show.

Just as Mitch’s claims emerged, a source told MailOnline ‘all the Islanders knew about Kady’s boyfriend.’

Kady has responded with a detailed statement on Instagram Stories, refuting any claims of having a boyfriend and labeling all the reports as false.

Read Kady’s statement in full here:

“The narrative that is circulating that I had a boyfriend while in the Love Island villa is categorically FALSE. My mum stayed at mine whilst I was in the villa to look after my dog and house. The media have been relentless with this narrative and it now appears others want to jump on the bandwagon too.

Speaking opinions is one thing but making such bold statements with confidence is wrong. Not only are they false they can be very damaging.”

Kady also confirmed the end of her relationship with Ouzy See, citing his actions on July 30th that were brought to her attention.

She described him as one of the nicest people she has met but stated that she doesn’t want to begin a relationship under these circumstances.

Kady’s response follows Mitch’s comments on Jodie McCallum’s podcast: “I’m being told by the other girls – I’m not gonna name names ‘cause I’ll just take all of this – you had your boyfriend’s bracelet that he gave you on. Your boyfriend was at your house whilst you were there and you’re calling me fake. I got called fake by Kady and Kady was doing the most.”

Their insider said: “The Islanders all know about Kady’s boyfriend and were desperate to call her out on it during the live reunion, so she had no choice but to face the accusation.

“But Love Island producers warned Zach and Mitch against it, telling them to keep the show as ‘friendly’ as possible.”

Reports suggest that Kady’s alleged secret boyfriend was Liam Greer, with whom she was reportedly in a relationship for more than a year.

There were claims that she had a ‘secret dinner’ with him the night before going to Mallorca for Love Island.

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