Liam Neeson shows no interest in joining Batman II

Liam Neeson, who starred in Batman Begins, is adamant that he has no desire to join up against the Dark Knight once more in The Batman – Part II.

Neeson played Ra’s al Ghul twice on the big screen, briefly revisiting it in The Dark Knight Rises, the second installment of Batman Begins. However, that movie is in a different continuity from Matt Reeves’ The Batman and its upcoming sequel, as is the remainder of filmmaker Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy.

He made it very clear that he has no intention of joining the show again. He says, “No, I’ve already done that in Batman Begins with Christian Bale.” Furthermore, he said, “I was Ra’s al Ghul. He wasn’t really a bad guy. He was trying to reorganize the world as it needs to be organized.” 

James Gunn, the co-CEO of DC Studios, acknowledged this during a recent announcement regarding the DCU’s inaugural slate of motion picture and television projects. Gunn claims that because The Batman and its sequels and spin-offs are part of the recently established “DC Elseworlds” universe, the show will not be affected by any changes. The Batman Part II is slated for October 2025.


As Neeson made it very clear that he will not be joining the show, let’s see what the filmmakers bring for their fans.

Anoosha Khan
Anoosha Khan

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