Kylie Cosmetics Company Faces $120K Lawsuit From Model 

Model Sasha Palma is suing Kylie Jenner and her cosmetics firm, Kylie Cosmetics, for $120,000. She claiming that she was never paid for her services rendered to the company three years ago.

According to court documents acquired by TMZ, Palma claims the beauty brand hired her for two separate picture shootings in 2020. The first of these shoots was scheduled for June of that year.

Palma claimed that she was recruited for a daily salary of $2,000 for the June shoot. Whereas she would be paid the following month. The model said in court documents that Kylie Cosmetics was more than 30 days late in paying her for services. 

Palma claims that she was not paid the $2,000 she was owed until well after the 30-day limit had passed. She had participated in another shoot for the company in August of 2020.

Sasha Palma Court Plea

Kylie Cosmetics company faces $120K lawsuit from model 

To cover the interest and fees associated with the late payment, she is requesting an additional $60,000.

In July of 2020, Palma posted a photo of her face to Instagram with the comment “NEW CAMPAIGN FOR #kyliecosmetics.”

TMZ was informed by a spokeswoman from Kylie Cosmetics that Palma was paid in full for both days. She worked within 45 days of the photos.

An insider at Jenner speculated that the delay in payment might be explained by the agency representing Palma. Absolving the company of responsibility.

Instagram claims that Palma is represented by DT Model Management, which posted a photo of her on their account on June 7. 

They also said that after Palma’s 2020 work for the company, her representatives approached the company about hiring her again. Palma implied that she had worked for Kylie Cosmetics in October of 2021 when she posted a photo of herself with a makeup bottle bearing the brand’s name. She claims in court papers that Kylie Cosmetics is more than 30 days late paying her for work done. 

According to court documents filed by Palma, Kylie Cosmetics was charged fines totaling $60,000.

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