Kravitz explains when Red Bull’s dominance is set to END

According to Sky F1 reporter Ted Kravitz, the era of Red Bull’s dominance in Formula 1 is expected to conclude at the end of this season due to the impact of their cost-cap penalties. Throughout 2023, the Red Bull team has exhibited complete supremacy, triumphing in every race and positioning Max Verstappen for another straightforward title victory.


The RB19 car currently possesses an unparalleled level of performance that has left other teams envious, with no consistent challengers emerging from the grid. Notably, their achievements this season have unfolded against the backdrop of a $7 million fine for exceeding the budget cap, which was implemented to bridge the gap between top teams and the rest of the field in F1. Ted Kravitz now suggests that their dominance is likely to wane in the upcoming seasons since they will face limitations on their aerodynamic testing capabilities.

he said:
“It’s clear to me now why the upper surfaces, the side pods and all the rest of it of the RB19 look more or less the same as the RB18, it’s that Adrian, Pierre Wache, and all of the people at Red Bull spent all their time over the winter on that floor,”
“And if you’re thinking about ‘Hang on, what about cost cap aerodynamic testing restrictions, a penalty when is that going to come in?’
“Well, Pierre Wache, the technical director, had an answer for me for that on Thursday, when he said the end of the season that cut in aerodynamic testing is going to have an effect, and crucially it’s going to have effect on next year’s RB20 as well.
“It is going to bite Red Bull, just not yet and certainly not before they win this year’s World Championship, which they deserve to because they’ve got a great car and Max Verstappen is driving brilliantly etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.”

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