Kate Middleton push Meghan to apologize for rude statement

Allegedly, Meghan Markle crossed a boundary and her comment left Kate Middleton feeling upset and annoyed.

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton are said to have had a strong disagreement, to the point that Kate Middleton’s hands turned pale with anger.

Narrated by Prince Harry in his memoir Spare, the Duke of Sussex claimed that Kate and Meghan were not on the best of terms during the infant stages of their relationship as well as before their 2018 wedding.

Reportedly, Kate and Meghan had a feud over bridesmaid dresses for the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

This escalated to the point where Meghan was upset and in tears, leading Kate to send her flowers as an apology gesture.

After Prince Harry and Meghan came back from their honeymoon, both Harry and Prince William decided it would be a good idea for Kate and Meghan to have a conversation and resolve their issues.

Prince Harry revealed that Kate had expected Meghan to apologize for a comment in which Meghan referred to the Duchess of Cambridge as having “baby brain” shortly after the birth of Prince Louis.

Prince Harry recalled observing Kate gripping a sofa so tightly that her fingers turned “white,” indicating that Meghan’s comment had deeply upset her and crossed a boundary.

After Meghan offered an apology, clarifying that her comment was meant sarcastically, Prince William apparently pointed at her and labeled her as ‘rude,’ implying his displeasure with her behavior.

“Well, it’s rude, Meghan. These things are not done here,” Prince William reportedly told Meghan. 

In response, Prince Harry recounted that Meghan retorted, “if you don’t mind, keep your finger out of my face,” marking the initial signs of strain in the royals’ relationship.

There are rumors that Meghan’s actions towards Charlotte might have been more serious and undisclosed.

Speculation arose when news emerged of Meghan Markle’s upcoming book, with rumors suggesting she might discuss “Prince Harry’s weaknesses” within its pages.

The royal family is preparing for potential new criticisms that could arise from Meghan’s book.

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