Julia Roberts hesitated to be mean to George Clooney in ‘Tickets to Paradise’

In Tickets to Paradise, the actors seem almost delighted as they verbally quarrel, but when it came time to truly let the other be harsh, Ol Parker explains Julia Roberts found it difficult.

The renowned stars Julia Roberts and George Clooney feature as exes David and Georgia, who, despite their mutual hatred, must work together to fly to Bali and try to disrupt their daughter, Lily’s wedding. 

Parker explains to EW that things weren’t quite straightforward for Roberts, especially during a pivotal sequence in which Georgia asks if they’re doing the right thing in attempting to keep their marriage together.

Ticket To Paradise Movie

“The only note I had to give Julia in the whole movie was the scene where they actually argue for real after the marketplace. They have an argument about how they brought up Lily. Julia was just going easy on George. I was like, ‘Julia, what’s up? What’s happening here?’ She went, ‘I just don’t like shouting. I don’t like being mean to George,’ And I was like, ‘You got to let him have it.’ She’s like, ‘Okay.’ And then the next take is the one in the movie. and it’s sensational.”

Clooney and Roberts are great friends, constantly ready to tease one other, despite their characters’ residual animosity over their failed marriage. But this one incident emotionally pushed Roberts over the edge.

“She didn’t want to be mean to him. They like sparring jokingly, but she didn’t enjoy doing it for real. But then I gave her note and she killed it. Because she’s Julia Roberts.”

Tickets to Paradise comes out on Oct 21 on theatres.

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