Jeremy Renner opens up about his accident on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Jeremy Renner made his first entrance at the US late night TV show since his snow plow incident on New Year’s Day. 

Renner, Also known as Hawkeye in the Marvel Universe, walked his way on the show with the assistance of cane where he was met with a loud standing ovation by the attendees. He even performed some light moves, followed by a laugh on his face, to lighten the mood in the crowd before taking his seat. 

“Was this a publicity stunt?” Kimmel jokingly asked Jeremy who replied, “Absolutely.”

The show host Jimmy regarded him as ‘The Toughest Avenger’ to which Renner Cuts him out by quickly answering with the name of Scarlett Johanson.

 The show came just after his first Interview with an ABC journalist, Diane Sawyer after the incident that went live a few days ago. He recounted his ongoing recovery and touched upon his incident earlier this year where he broke over 30 bones while he was trying to save his nephew from getting run over himself. 

“I got lucky in a lot of ways. I’m happy to be here,” Jeremy told Kimmel. 

Anoosha Khan
Anoosha Khan

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