Jeopardy! Announces Big Change Following Fan’s Wish

Jeopardy! fans are asking the show to say goodbye to Mayim Bialik as she leaves after Season 40, and they want Ken Jennings to be the only host.

Jennings and Bialik have given game show fans complete freedom to ask them any questions they want. The official Jeopardy! Instagram account announced that Mayim and Ken would take part in a Q & A session on the Inside Jeopardy! podcast.

A lot of fans wanted Ken to be the only host of Jeopardy! instead of him and Mayim sharing the role.

The Sun reported that recently, a social media post showing Ken,49, and Mayim ,47, smiling on the set of the game show. Over their pictures, there were quotes from Ken and Mayim.

In the comments section of the post, fans shared their thoughts about the host.

“Ken is all about the game the heritage and Alex. He is the best and is the only who should be the host. I never could believe they considered other people,” one fan shared.

Another added: “Ken should be the only host! He does make it feel like the show is about the contestants. Can’t say the same about Mayim.”

A third fan insisted: “Just Ken and only Ken!!!!!! For the love of God…”

A fourth person cosigned: “Ken is the better host! Please drop Mayim, she can appear on a movie when the strike is over.

“She is not missed on Jeopardy. (sad to say as I always liked her as an actress but certainly not as a game show host).”

The highly anticipated Season 40 of the show will kick off on Monday, September 11 on ABC and continue until July 26, 2024.

Ken will be the host for Season 40, which started filming on August 15, 2023.

This decision comes in the midst of the ongoing strikes by WGA and SAG, which led Mayim, the co-host, to step down in support of the strikers.

A source told The Messenger that Mayim won’t return until the New Year or even later.

“She wasn’t fired,” the source has shared.

“She’s choosing to stand with her union, and because of that, she was told it is unlikely she will return for the rest of the year, even if the strike is resolved before then.”

Mayim is a member of the striking actors’ union, SAG-AFTRA.

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