Jennifer Lopez’s Heartwarming Message to Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez posted a lovely message to her husband Ben Affleck as they celebrated their first anniversary together.

A year ago, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck got married in a big, star-studded event after getting back together. Jennifer, who is 54 years old, shared pictures on her Instagram to celebrate their first year of marriage with her husband.

The photos showed Jennifer and Ben on their wedding day, with Jennifer wearing two different dresses. The pictures captured their happiness as they laughed and kissed, showing their strong bond.

Alongside the sweet post, Jennifer Lopez wrote: “One year ago today … Dear Ben, Sitting here alone Looking at my ring ring Feeling overwhelmed It makes me wanna sing sing How did we end up here Without a rewind. Oh my This is my life Jennifer.”

Fans expressed their congratulations in the comments, with one person writing, “Happy Anniversary Jen & Ben! May you both remain strong and enjoy a happy, blessed, and healthy life together.”

As another said: “Happy First anniversary my love Being with love of your life is the best thing in the world.”

“Happy anniversary Queen you deserve all the happiness in the world,” a third said. While another referenced the pair’s previous engagement in 2002: “I remember when y’all broke up and everybody wanted y’all back together.”

Ben and Jennifer first crossed paths while working on the movie Gigli, which unfortunately didn’t do well in theaters. However, their romantic journey started from there. At that time, Jennifer was already married to her second husband, Cris Judd. But in June 2002, she filed for divorce from him, and it was officially completed the next year, reported by Mirror.

Their wedding was originally planned for September 2003, but it was ultimately canceled. The reason for calling off the wedding was cited as “excessive media attention.” Despite this, they continued to be in a relationship during that period.

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