James Gunn reveals upcoming DC project involving Amanda Waller

James Gunn revealed the upcoming DC project which will feature Amanda Waller.

James Gunn is now writing a script that includes the famed head of the Suicide Squad, thus it appears like Amanda Waller may make a future appearance in the DC Universe.

The co-CEO of DC Studios uploaded a photo to Instagram showing his cat Emily curled up between his keyboard and monitor. The term “Waller,” most likely a reference to Amanda Waller, is mentioned in an open document on the monitor behind Gunn’s furry “writing partner.”

Months before Gunn and Peter Safran assumed leadership of the newly established DC Studios as co-CEOs in May 2022, sources stated that Gunn was working on a Peacemaker spinoff series starring Amanda Waller. Later, the director put a stop to these reports, adding, “No TV series has even been announced as of yet. There are numerous reports about what is happening, some of which are true and some of which are not.”

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Well, the news has not yet been confirmed by Gunn or Walker but the DC fans are looking forward to hearing the news about the new DC projects.

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