J-Hope Wants Some ‘More’ on New Solo Single

J-much Hope’s awaited new solo song openly declares that he wants “More.” At midnight on Thursday, the BTS member released the song from his upcoming Jack in the Box album.

J-Hope flirts with a darker, rougher sound in the swagger-filled tune, fusing alternative rock hooks with hip-hop beats. He says in the hypnotic pre-chorus of the song, “I’m doing it all.” According to a press release, the song’s message is to “show the world how much [J-Hope] has grown.”

The rapper-debut dancer’s studio album, Jack in the Box, will be released on July 15. It is the rapper-first dancer’s non-mixtape release and the first solo album by a member of the record-breaking K-pop group since the start of “BTS’ Chapter 2” earlier this month. The single, according to BTS label Bighit, “lends voice to J-aspirations Hope’s to break the mold and progress further.” “J-unique Hope’s musical personality and artistic vision are represented in the album.”

After BTS said they will take a break to concentrate on their respective projects, “More” was released a few weeks later. A BTS representative told Rolling Stone, . “To be clear, they are not on hiatus but will take time to explore some solo projects at this time and remain active in various different formats,” 
Following the release of “Left and Right,” a new single by Charlie Puth and fellow bandmate Jungkook that is anticipated to be on his own solo album, comes “More.” Jimin and Suga are also expected to release solo albums.

On July 31, J-Hope will perform on the main stage of Lollapalooza, becoming the first South Korean performer to do so at a U.S. event.

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