Izzy Gleicher Disappointed by ‘Big Brother 25’ Argument Reveal

Izzy Gleicher is really upset after finding out why there was an argument on Big Brother 25.

In Episode 20, Jared told a lie to Matt Klotz that Jag Bains had revealed the plan to evict Izzy, hoping to make Matt believe that the house was turning against him. Initially, this lie seemed to work, but then Cory Wurtenberger and Jag became involved. Jag denied ever telling Jared about this plan in front of the other houseguests. Izzy was not present during this interaction, so she was unaware of what had transpired. As a result, Izzy was evicted that night, with only Cirie voting to keep her in the game.

The Big Brother game is getting more intense as it reaches the halfway point of season 25. Izzy Gleicher played a crucial role in the games of Jared and Cirie Fields because she knew their secret of being mother and son. She also became a significant part of their strategy inside the house.

Big Brother Season 25 airs on CBS at 8:00 PM

In week 6, Cameron Hardin, aware of this, nominated Izzy alongside Felicia Cannon. The alliance believed they had enough votes to save Izzy until Felicia disclosed to Jared that she had secured the necessary votes.

Before her eviction in Episode 20, Izzy participated in several exit interviews. When asked if she was curious about what was happening during the intense conversation between Jared and others in the Have-Not room, she replied to Entertainment Weekly, “Oh, I wasn’t wondering at all.” The flutist explained that: “I knew I was walking out the door for sure. But given mine and Jared’s relationship, my heart was full knowing he was fighting so hard for me — not in the smartest way, but I appreciated the effort.”

Izzy wasn’t the only one surprised by Jared’s actions, Cirie also entered the room and was surprised to find Jared and Cory engaged in an argument.

After being evicted, Izzy learned that the conversation wasn’t primarily about Jared fighting for her but rather about his deceptive lies in the game. “Knowing what I know now I am dis–knowing a lot of what I didn’t know,” Izzy told the Black Bi Reality podcast. “I’m disappointed but, and I think Jared is in an incredibly difficult position right now. And it’s a little difficult for me to speak about.”

After leaving the Big Brother house, Izzy Gleicher expressed disappointment in Jared’s actions during her eviction. She refused Cameron’s hug and said, “Oh no, I’ll be seeing you soon, pig.”

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