Harry Styles leaves fans SHOE-ked with unexpected concert stunt in Australia

Harry Styles left his Australian left fans in shock with an unexpected stunt he did during a live concert.

Harry Styles is currently on a tour to Australia and New Zealand. It’s been quite the trek for Styles’ ardent admirers to get here. Some spent months searching TikTok for DIY costume inspiration, decorating the stadium with feathers, sequins, cowboy hats, and glitter, while others reportedly passed out from heat exhaustion in the checkout line.

It has been a hard five years since Harry Styles toured Australia because his 2020 Love on Tour dates were postponed due to Covid. In the last song of Harry’s House, the musician declares that “the world is not the same as it was.”

During the live concert, Styles pulled out an Aussie tradition and drank wine from his Adidas sneakers. Styles says, “This is one of the most disgusting traditions I’ve ever [heard of],” referencing the “shoey.” He further says, “I feel like a different person. I feel ashamed of myself. It feels so personal. Such an intimate moment to be shared with so many people. I’ll be discussing this with my therapist at length. At length.”

Fans captured the video of the One Direction alum drinking during the concert and expressed their thoughts.

The fans even associated the stunt with the Perth-born Ricciardo, whose merch Styles has previously been seen wearing.

After a great evening at the 2023 Grammy Awards earlier in the month, Styles makes his way to Australia.

Harry’s Home, which also won for Best Pop Vocal Album, was the album of the year for the former boyband member.

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