Expendables 4 Stunt Coordinator’s Recall

In a Cinematic Twist, Expendables 4 Stunt Maestro Alan Ng Unveils a Memorable On-Set Episode Involving 50 Cent’s Dynamic Presence. Guided by Director Scott Waugh, the New Instalment Finds the Mercenary Squad Racing Against Time to Avert Global Havoc.

Alongside Returning Icons, the Expendables 4 Lineup Welcomes Fresh Blood: Megan Fox as Gina and 50 Cent as the Intriguing ‘Easy Day’.

During an exclusive interview with PopCulture.com, Ng delves into his experience collaborating with Fox and 50 Cent in The Expendables 4. He unveils a behind-the-scenes anecdote, confessing that the charismatic actor inadvertently triggered a minor mishap in one of his high-octane scenes. Fortunately, the incident was swiftly resolved. Read Ng’s complete account below:

Expendables 4

“We played to the fact that Megan has a strong dance background. Megan’s style is very agile, flexible, and fast. Whereas as 50 Cent is very powerful and strong, so he like a tank. He was actually so strong that in one of the scenes, he was supposed to barge into a stunt performer and his strength resulted in the guy going flying and dislocated his finger. The guy and his finger are ok now of course.”

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The Expendables 4 brings the expected R-rated action but falls slightly short of its predecessors. While the film is filled with blood and chaos, the reliance on VFX for these effects seems less refined.

Additionally, the choreography, though serviceable, doesn’t fully showcase the skills of martial arts talents like Iko Uwais and Tony Jaa. Despite this, The Expendables 4 delivers a satisfying dose of action, even if it doesn’t quite match the earlier films’ magic.

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