Doctor Jekyll Trailer: Hammer Horror Film Offers a Unique Spin

Doctor Jekyll, the upcoming release from Hammer, promises a fresh take on the classic Robert Louis Stevenson novella, ‘Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde.’ Scheduled to hit UK screens on October 27. This adaptation features celebrated comedian and actor Eddie Izzard in the dual role of disgraced pharmaceutical mogul Dr. Nina Jekyll and her monstrous counterpart Rachel Hyde.

Joining Izzard is an ensemble cast that includes Scott Chambers, Robyn Cara, Morgan Watkins, Jonathan Hyde, Simon Callow, and Lindsay Duncan.

Hammer unveils ‘Doctor Jekyll‘ in a reimagined approach, blending the essence of classic horror with a contemporary touch. Experience the chilling trailer below and get ready to be spellbound!

Meet Rob (Chambers), the central character of the film, as the trailer unveils his journey. A young father, he steps into the enigmatic world of Jekyll as her hired assistant. Jekyll, shrouded in mystery, harbors a dark secret—her transformation into the sinister Hyde. What follows is a riveting game of wits and survival, set against the backdrop of Jekyll’s secluded countryside mansion, where the lines between predator and prey blur.

Doctor Jekyll

Among these films, Doctor Jekyll stands out as the true torchbearer of Hammer’s golden era, invoking its essence in multifaceted ways. Notably, it marks a triumphant return to prominent adaptations and a revival of Hammer’s own Jekyll legacy, echoing the spirit of the 1960 gem, ‘The Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll.’

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While the studio ventured into gender-bending territory with Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde in 1971, the contemporary twist in this rendition, especially within its pharmaceutical narrative, evokes memories of their ventures like Dracula A.D. 1972. This film is poised to carve a unique niche in Hammer’s illustrious tapestry of horror classics

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