Did Chris Hemsworth Filmed The Train Scene With No Cgi?

Extraction 2 is a big action movie with a lot to talk about. Including Chris Hemsworth age is also a best part for his outstanding performance. The brutally cold locations that make you shiver and the ambitious 21-minute one-take action scene.

In an exclusive interview with Collider, extraction 2  director Sam Hargrave said that extraction 2’s gameplay will be mostly real. The director says the production crew tried to film on genuine locations and use real artifacts as much as possible. The train scenario was one of the biggest challenges. 

Making The Scene Look Real

“We wouldn’t be the first action franchise to do crazy things. However, DNA of ‘Extraction’ is definitely to do as much practically as possible, so with the train sequence, we fully embraced it. We were on a real train out in the nether regions away from Prague, out in the mountains. It was amazing and cold and beautiful, on a real train. The helicopters are real, we had real stunt performers and para-jumpers, and we had army rangers. One of our performers coming out of the chopper including Chris Hemsworth was an army ranger. This is as real as it gets, and the only CG that we did was background, and back plates. This was also because the power plant where we got onto the train was not in same location as where we were filming the train. They just didn’t exist in the same spot, so we had to then recreate that power plant behind them. But everything, you know, the snowing and the helicopter flying in and landing on the train, that was all practical. That was real.”

Did Chris Hemsworth Filmed The Train Scene With No Cgi?

He continued by saying that using physical effects first made the on-set experience feel real, even too real at times. The filmmaker said recording specific helicopter landing was “shockingly difficult” since wind from the rotor blades drove him off the train. The only thing that saved him was being attached to the aircraft. Hargrave had to hold on to the edge of train and “almost fell off”, despite receiving additional safety equipment.

Chris Hemsworth age is also a factor for the role to play out so well

Post Production Challenges

After filming was complete, the crew noticed that the helicopter landing they had captured seemed too good to be real. Because of this, they ultimately decided that the helicopter pilot should have a more difficult time landing on the train.

“When we got back and we watched it, we were like, ‘It looks fake,’ because he lands it and it’s almost like it sticks to the train, it was just so perfect. The guys get off and then he takes off, and we’re like, ‘It looks fake!’ It looks like it’s all on a blue screen and we dropped it down on a crane, and just didn’t move, and then it just takes off.”

In order to convince viewers that what they were seeing was real, or at least leave them bewildered enough to question and want to find out, Hargrave said they had to choose an image in which the landing appeared difficult.

Netflix premieres Extraction 2 on June 16. 

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