David Fincher Teases Michael Fassbender’s Assassin in The Killer

David Fincher, the visionary director behind hits like Fight Club and Gone Girl, is back in action with Netflix for his latest project, The Killer. Starring Michael Fassbender as the ruthless assassin, this film promises a departure from the suave world of James Bond.

After the success of 2020’s ‘Mank,’ Fincher delves into the chilling tale of a hitman whose life takes a dark turn after a botched job. In a recent interview with Empire, Fincher spills the beans on what sets this protagonist apart from 007. He reveals how the film delves into the mind with a captivating internal monologue. Don’t miss Fincher’s intriguing insights below!

“He’s not James Bond. Our guy flies coach. I thought the character’s nihilism was interesting, because it was tied to his self-loathing. Then I started thinking about this inner monologue. He has this whole thing he tells himself. Which is a way of demeaning his prey so he can feel better about ostensibly being a serial killer for hire. I thought that could be interesting to navigate. I like the pact a voiceover makes with the viewer. Seeing life through the eyes – and scope – of an assassin puts the audience in an interesting position. Let’s see how far they’ll go.”

The Killer

Fincher, renowned for his meticulous directing style, brings an unparalleled precision to every frame of his films. His unyielding pursuit of perfection has become legendary. Often demanding actors to deliver countless takes until he captures the essence he envisions. This exacting approach is what makes The Killer a tantalizing endeavor for the acclaimed director.

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In the teasers, we catch glimpses of Fassbender’s character, a man of precision and discipline, living by a rigid code for flawless execution. He values meticulous planning over impromptu decisions. Driven by personal ambition and a calculated lack of empathy.

However, as fate would have it, these guiding principles begin to crumble when a mission takes an unexpected turn, blurring the line between professionalism and emotion.

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