Dan Reynolds Questions ‘Radioactive’ Live Performance for Imagine Dragons

The lead singer of Imagine Dragons, Dan Reynolds, mentioned that he most likely wouldn’t sing ‘Radioactive’ during live performances if it wasn’t a beloved song among fans.

During an interview with Insider, Reynolds, the frontman of Imagine Dragons, ranks the four songs based on how enjoyable they are to perform live.

He enthusiastically named Believer as his top pick, followed closely by the emotionally charged anthem Demons. However, his rankings took a controversial twist as he placed Thunder in third place and ranked Radioactive as his least favorite among the four songs.

“‘Radioactive’ is a song that a lot of fans want to hear. And if it weren’t for that, I probably would veto that song,” he said. “It’s probably my least favorite to play.” Reynold said.

“It one of those things where it’s like, first of all, it’s just length of time,” Reynolds explained. “We’ve played ‘Radioactive,’ I don’t know how many times, but let’s just say a lot of times. It’s a hard song to sing just vocally it’s very high and always at the end of the set, so I’m tired at that point.”

Imagine Dragons Live In Vegas is a film that highlights the band’s unique and special concert held at Allegiant Stadium in September of last year.

It will premiere on Friday, July 14, on Hulu. The documentary will receive a later release on Star Plus in Latin America and on Disney Plus in all other territories.

The band’s incredible achievement stems from their song Radioactive, which they featured on their first album Night Visions released in 2012. This single shattered chart records, claimed the Grammy Award for best rock performance, and Rolling Stone hailed it as the “biggest rock hit of the year.”

In 2015, “Radioactive” received a diamond certification from the RIAA, indicating that the song achieved platinum status 10 times over.

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