Dan Harmon’s Vision for Community Movie: Desired Changes Revealed

Dan Harmon, the imaginative force behind Community, has outlined his aspirations for the forthcoming movie, aiming to distinguish it from the original TV series. Anchored in a fictional Colorado town’s community college, the show draws its essence from Harmon’s own formative experiences in such an institution. Although the series concluded its run in 2015, plans for a Peacock-produced movie are well underway.

In a candid discussion with The Hollywood Reporter, Harmon elucidated his intention to film the forthcoming Community movie without resorting to script alterations during production. This resolve stems from his acknowledgment of his own ‘drama queen’ tendencies during the TV series’ creation.

I don’t want these now-superstar people, like Emmy-winning Donald Glover, who are bothering to gather out of loyalty to this thing, to come back and once again be getting blue pages run down by an intern that totally contradict what they spent all night memorizing. I want to have a veneer of, ‘Here’s your reward.’ I don’t want them to go, like, ‘Oh, he’s learned nothing, he’s treating us like cattle again.’


According to The Hollywood Reporter, the upcoming Community movie will feature a significant return of original cast members. This includes Joel McHale reprising his role as Jeff, Gillian Jacobs as Britta, Danny Pudi as Abed, Yvette Nicole Brown as Shirley, Ken Jeong as Ben, and Donald Glover as Troy. Initially pitched as a class reunion at Greendale Community College, the characters are set to reconnect after years apart.

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In the series finale, many characters envisioned their lives post-graduation from Greendale. This culminated in a final scene with the text “#andamovie,” originally a playful joke about potential follow-ups. Now, this sequel film is on track to become a real project, led by Harmon and other original team members.

Given the focus on a class reunion, the movie is poised to serve as a definitive conclusion for the show and its characters. This also means viewers will witness the Community cast in older and different life stages compared to the series. As the sequel film moves into production, further distinctions between the TV show and the movie will come to light.

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