Creator of Warrior Nun Confirms Non-Involvement in Movie Trilogy

When Netflix pulled the plug on Warrior Nun in December 2022 after just two seasons, it was a bitter pill for fans to swallow. But what came next was a monumental rallying cry, led by the series’ creator and showrunner, Simon Barry.

This grassroots campaign, fueled by passion and determination, ultimately led to the show’s resurrection. Barry’s tweet at the time encapsulated the triumph: ‘Today I’m happy to officially report that because of your combined voices, passion and amazing efforts – #WarriorNun will return and is going to be more EPIC than you could imagine. More details to come! SOON! Thank-you!!’

True to his word, further revelations emerged, with executive producer Dean English confirming a triumphant return in the form of a feature film trilogy. However, a surprising twist awaited fans: Simon Barry, the architect of the show’s revival, disclosed that he would not be part of the resuscitated trilogy.

Warrior Nun

In an X (formerly Twitter) post, Barry clarified, ‘Hey #WarriorNun family, thanks for all your comments/messages/questions etc. FYI – I have no idea what’s being announced tomorrow. I am not part of the team producing the movies, and have no deal in place for any writing or directing services. I am with you.’ Given the immense effort exerted to breathe life back into the series, Barry’s absence comes as a bit of a shock.

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Based on Ben Dunn’s comic book ‘Warrior Nun Areala,’ the TV adaptation introduced its own alterations, arguably for the better. With Barry stepping back, there’s uncertainty whether the trilogy will adhere to his original vision for Season 3.

But Barry isn’t the lone creative force opting out of the project. Amy Berg, a writer and consulting producer, echoed Barry’s sentiments, stating, ‘I’m similarly not involved. #WarriorNun.’ These developments suggest that the feature trilogy may chart a new course under an entirely different creative helm.

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