Christopher Nolan’s Daughter’s Face Melts Off in Oppenheimer Cameo

Christopher Nolan said it was ‘wonderful’ to work with daughter Flora Nolan in an explosive scene in Oppenheimer, despite the gruesome visuals.

According to a recent report, Christopher Nolan talked about the decision to cast his daughter, Flora Nolan, in a last-minute cameo role in his movie Oppenheimer. The report reveals that Flora, who is 22 years old, portrays a character in the film whose face is melted off.

In the movie Oppenheimer, actor Cillian Murphy portrays a character inspired by the real-life American theoretical physicist and scientist, J Robert Oppenheimer.

During a recent interview, Christopher Nolan confirmed that his oldest daughter has a short but impactful appearance in the film Oppenheimer.

He revealed that he spontaneously decided to cast Flora Nolan in the movie while she was visiting him on the film sets.

During an interview with The Telegraph, Christopher said, “We needed someone to do that small part of a somewhat experimental and spontaneous sequence. So it was wonderful to just have her sort of roll with it.”

According to the report, Flora appears as an unnamed woman in the movie. In a particular scene, her character’s face experiences the removal of its flesh.

When Christopher Nolan was asked to provide more information about the process of creating the intense scene where Flora’s character dies in Oppenheimer, he expressed his desire not to be compared to filmmaker Michael Powell.

Powell had cast his own 9-year-old son as a young version of a serial killer in the 1960 film Peeping Tom.

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