Boyd Holbrook Almost Missed the Justified: City Primeval Role

Can you believe that we might have had a completely different Clement Mansell?

Original Justified fans adore Walton Goggins’ character Boyd Crowder so much that they can’t easily replace him as their favorite villain with Boyd Holbrook’s Clement Mansell. However, Clement Mansell still plays an important role in Raylan Givens’ story.

But it turns out that Holbrook had second thoughts about joining City Primeval at first!

At first, City Primeval was intended to be directed by Quentin Tarantino, but he had to step back from the project due to his wife’s pregnancy.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t Tarantino’s departure that made Holbrook question whether to join the project.

In fact, the actor was worried that the show might mock his southern background because he hails from a county in southeastern Kentucky.

“I was really timid to watch it because I am from Harlan County, a county over. So I was always like, “Man, it’s kind of making fun of us hillbillies.” I thought the show wouldn’t hit the tone right, but it’s great,” Holbrook explained to Interview Magazine.


It turns out that Holbrook’s worries were unnecessary. According to him, Justified is “f**ked up but humorous.” The actor grew fond of the show’s writing and characters, and his portrayal of Clement Mansell ended up being exactly what City Primeval required.

City Primeval concluded its first season with the eighth episode on August 29, bringing an eventful chapter to a close. There are already hints of a possible sequel in the works, especially since the season ended with a significant cliffhanger. So, it wouldn’t be a big surprise if it’s renewed for a second season in the near future.

As of now, FX has not made any official announcements regarding the future of the show.

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