Blink-182 Reunites after 8 years added to Coachella 2023 lineup 

The famous American rock band, Blink-182 will be performing their first gig since 2015 at Coachella 2023 after the latest lineup addition. 

Late Wednesday night, The group name was modestly added along with the list of scheduled timings of renowned artists. The band is ready to appear at the festival Friday from 6:45 to 7:35 pm in the sahara tent before the performance of Metro Boomin set to stage at 10:35 pm.

Considering the household-name-level that Blink-182 is, L.A radio station KROQ were reportedly alerted and let away the subtle hint towards the listeners by playing the blink song ‘’All of This’’ in the backdrop earlier on Wednesday evening in an attempt to tease the audience.

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Apart from the recent addition, The band tour was first scheduled to take place on Mar 11 in Tijuana, Mexico after the co-lead vocalist and founding member Mark Hoppus, rejoined the ultimate trio after being separated for eight years. Unfortunately, it had to be adjourned due to Travis Baker injuring his finger during rehearsal to which they finally announced on March 3 that there would be a two-month delay. The tour is later rescheduled to begin on May 4 in St. Pauls.

There hasn’t been any official announcement from the Band per se, It is likely they are going to perform on weekend of the festival this Friday.

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